Magical Woods

I think I figured out why I love nature so much, why it is truly a magical experience for me each and every time.  Reflecting back, I can remember my sister and I spending allot of time running through the woods in our backyard in Oakdale, NY.  Sissy and I reenacted stories from childhood books in the woods. We made over the head hats (w eye holes cut out) constructed of paper bags, crayons, glue and feathers, with the help of my Mom Im sure, since she was creative too. We must have looked funny now that I think about it! We had fun with nature being our backdrop. Allot of fun!

My sister, was two years older than me, was clearly the “ruler” of the two of us. The one who was always right, very smart, so naturally I looked up to her. I was more carefree, more creative, willing to take a risk without a worry in the world. And that I did. I remember coming home with a blood streak across my face from the beach Phragmites that always seemed to scrape by face as I ran through the fields, I remember catching frogs, bloody knees, and patches on my pants.  It didn’t bother me in the least. I was outside, with nature. It was wonderful.

My sister and I still visit the woods as often as we can today. Not with masks though. Instead, we can go with camera in hand. We talk, laugh, complain, and then laugh again. Just this year we have visited the Long Island hiking grounds in East Hampton, Quogue, Riverhead, Great River and Wading River. Each and every time, its an adventure for me. Now I know why.


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