When it comes to branding…
image is everything. 

With the experience of over ten years of 360 cross-media design experience and eleven design awards, taking dated or less than effective creative to the next level couldn’t be more satisfying.

My style is modern, clean, and most of all, effective, with that extra pull at the heartstrings that sets my design apart from many. Specializing in rebranding, new business pitches, and composition layout for both multi-industry global corporations as well as luxury hotels and resorts worldwide.


June 7, 2017


I just wanted to tell you how pleased and proud I am of the way the site has turned out, and it is greatly due to your creative talents and vision. The concept of going with abstract imagery was so brilliant, and it has made all the difference in creating a site that is modern, refreshing and will have a long shelf life. We are no longer wedded to imagery that changes with each produce release, and is so narrow in its focus. This never would have happened without you.

Also, your incredible attention to detail and constant suggestions have been incredibly helpful in getting us all to think outside the box. Great, great job. I have really enjoyed collaborating with you on this project.

Thank you for all your efforts.

Margie Gurwin
Content Creation Partners

March, 2017

Natalie has vast industry experience in advertising and marketing communications.  Her interest is in combining her international travel, luxury villa and real estate design experience with the hospitality and luxury markets.

Natalie’s specialties are design concepts, presentations, re-branding, website re-designs, collateral, social media, catalog design and layout, web banners, brochure development and design, trade-show graphics, online promotions, advertisements, including menus, guest information sheets and hotel lobby notices.

Through Natalie’s experience and creativity she is an expert in re-branding with creating unique clever logos and implementing extensive Brand Manuals. Alternatively Natalie can bring life to a brand while staying within the existing brand guidelines.

Richard Williams and Associates, NY, NY

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